Jul 29, 2010

Shows, shows and mo' shows

Ha, this is hilarious...news bulletin to my two followers, who I talk to everyday anyway and subsequently know all of my 'news'


Two solos coming up, both in September. The first is here in St. Louis, September 10th at Concrete Ocean. The second is September 11th in Taos NM at J Fine Art. Rising Gallery hooked up the Taos show, which was pretty awesome of them. I should have somewhere around 30-40 pieces headed out that way. Varnish is presently drying. That's right I'm ahead of schedule (for now anyway). The Concrete Ocean show "The Leviathan & the Flea" is still taking shape, but I'm pretty excited about the work and the space. I'm shooting for another 40 or so pieces - 4 of which will be 4'x2'. Thought about messing with some sculpture, but, maybe next time around. I will have zero days between the completion of the Taos show and the switching of focus to the STL show. fun fun. August will be a blur.

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