Sep 30, 2010

Bless this mess

Yes I cleaned up. Mostly.

Just a few more process shots from The Leviathan and The Flea.



This is a poster I did for a short film by Christopher Jordan called Inanition. Its a wonderfully haunting short. Keep an eye for it.

Begat 1




Sep 28, 2010

Bird Strike 3


Not so fine

Pity parties are overrated

You win some, you lose some I guess. The J Fine Art show ended up falling through. Some of you have already heard my rant on that. No need for a semi-public blog beatdown. The pity party was attended by me, myself and I. It was cool enough. I ate some chips, made my rounds. After a while it got old so I dusted myself off and got back to work. For every triumph a fall, for every fall a triumph. So it goes.

The failures stay with you longer than the victories. If they don't you're doing something wrong.

~ upward

Sep 7, 2010

Show Flyer for The Leviathan & The Flea