Oct 3, 2011

Toys for your eyeball parts

Back again. Just took down the Bumble and Bramble show. All in all I'd say it went pretty well. During my somewhat reluctant self-promotion campaign I think I spent more time than I should have shooting process footage, and even more time trying to edit said footage....and even more time finding a decent song to sync up with it...and even more time trying to get the friggin video to post with that damned decent (read amazing) song. As you can see I had no such luck. I did a version with one of my beats, but I'm not a huge fan of the outcome...turns out there's a substantial drop-off from a Nina Simone track to a beat made by me. Go figure. So for now here are a few pics of this and that taken during show prep. Enjoy...


Rivoaltus said...

I love all of these photos. I need to find out more about this show... I have no idea what it is about.